Optimal athletic performance: it's all in the shoes

Shoes are an integral and important part of an athlete's playing career and training. However, the importance of quality athletic shoes are often overlooked. Wearing the proper shoes and using certain shoes for specific sports is important.

How long should athletic shoes last?

The life of a pair of athletic shoes is about 6 months, or 500 miles. After this time period, the shoes' exteriors may look as if they're in great condition, but internally, the cushioning will have broken down and the bottom of the shoes will display uneven wear and tear. Just the slightest uneven wear on the bottom of the shoes can put several thousand pounds of pressure on surrounding joints and tendons.

8 effective core & dynamic warm-up exercises

The warm-up is the most important part of your workout. The purpose of warming up is to get blood pumping into your muscles and heat up your core body temperature. An effective warm-up provides increased mobility and elasticity for all muscles groups.

There are two ways to warm up: the first type consists of core exercises; the second, dynamic flexibility. Never do static stretching (extended holds for 20 seconds or more) at the beginning of a workout or practice. Static stretching before a workout will decrease the elasticity of the muscle and increase the risk of injury by 200%. These types of movements and holds should always be saved for the end of your workout during the cool-down phase.

Refresh your metabolism with this Super Athletic Cleanse

Drinking this cleanse is a great way to start a new training program and get optimal results. The Super Athletic Cleanse is intense, but will clean out your insides, giving your central nervous system and metabolism a fresh start. A good cleanse can also help balance your body's pH level and take it from acidic to alkaline. As an athlete, a healthy pH balance is essential because it allows your body to absorb nutrients at an optimal level again while also speeding up recovery from intense training.

Plan your cleanse for an off day, and begin with just a 24-hour time period. Important note: do not engage in any type of training during this time period.

The ultimate high-energy protein meal to eat before workouts

This meal is packed with a substantial amount of protein, and provides an energy boost to your pre-workout state. Eat fruit right before consuming this meal. An ideal pre-workout fruit is watermelon. Watermelon promotes healthy blood flow, and is rich in an amino acid called citrulline.

In the human body, citrulline is converted into arginine to produce nitric oxide, which helps speed up recovery. Other great fruits to eat before your workout are apples and blueberries, the latter of which are high in antioxidants. Avoid eating pineapple and bananas; save those fruits for after your workout.

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